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Luann's Life

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On The Edge

Is it hard for you to wrap your guilt with His grace?...

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This Is Only a Test

God tests me. Does He test you too?...

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Good Day Sonshine

Ask God to give you a song in your heart, a smile on your face and sunshine in your attitude....

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It's a Hard Fall

Sometimes pride deceives, but through God’s grace, it should never describe us....

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Turn Your Eyes

Our circumstances seem to almost paralyze us as we sit frozen by life. Have you come to an abrupt stop in your life? Are you bucking at the thought of yielding?...

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Fill 'er Up

Have you ever been ready to bake a cake and realized you didn't have all of the ingredients? Ever go on a trip and forget to gas up? Why is it so hard to remember that God has given us the solution to an empty spiritual tank?...

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Just In Case

Is it time to clean out the 'just in case' items in your life? Am I the only one who stuffs things into cabinets, 'just in case' there may ever be a need?...

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It's a Process

Our life is a series of stages. We have been carefully chosen by the Master for a purpose....

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Self-Reliance Let Me Down

Self-reliance has let me down in my life. I've read many self-help books and followed most of their points. There is always one major thing missing... the missing piece!...

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Laying It Down

God wants desperately to bless us. What would our world look like if we simply carried out God's will for our lives?...

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