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A Seed or an Empty Pod?

Will you prove to be an empty pod with no seed inside? Or will you walk in His Light so that you might burst forth with fruit that lasts....

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Relationships Are Hard

Life is tough and relationships are hard! Some moments during a relationship seem flawless, but most don't....

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Stiff-Necked People

Are we stiff-necked? Even just a little? Are we stubborn at times? Are we hard, difficult or obstinate in areas of our lives? The consequences of being stiff-necked are unimaginable....

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Apology Lesson

Sometimes in the most unexpected places you'll find life lessons....

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The Journey

On my journey, I NEVER would have guessed who all I would meet, what choices I would make, the places I would live, or why God asks me to walk with Him....

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Fire Up or Torch?

We can fire up and encourage a withered heart or torch it with a careless word. Each day, let's choose to mend, to encourage, to fire up some weary souls that God puts in our path. ...

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Seek His Will

Let go and let God show you which path to take. He will open the doors and all we have to do is walk through them and trust Him. Changes are coming....

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The Slums

One day I read in Psalm 139 how I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God does things beyond the bounds of human powers. Choose to see others the way God sees them: fearfully & wonderfully made....

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I Don't Fit In

Will you ask God to help you see someone who needs your encouragement? There may be a newborn Christian within your reach who feels "they don't fit in" and you may be the arm they need around their shoulder. Go and love on God's lonely children today....

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I Never Saw It Coming

We need to make every decision through the filter of His perfect plan. Why risk the emotional upheaval wrong decisions can make when we have a heavenly Father with a perfect plan?...

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