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Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday mom. I know you'll never see this but I needed to tell you.

Thank you.

Thank you for baking homemade bread when we were young. The aroma still conjures up sweet memories of walking in the door and knowing "I'm home."

Thank you for showing me in second grade what a fun mom looked like:

Playing tag with me and my girlfriends in the yard
Going for really long walks into town Helping me climb trees
Picking strawberries in the neighbors garden
Dressing me up to be a flower girl
Giving me a Mickey Mouse coin purse for Christmas
Gently caring for my frostbitten toes.
Thank you for taking us to church and giving us a foundation.

Thank you for teaching us how to survive in the midst of struggles.

Thank you for laughter at the kitchen table.

Thank you for making Christmas at Thanksgiving so special.

Thank you for never minding having family and friends packed in for a weekend on couches and floors and in every bed.

Thank you for teaching us how to cook and do laundry and repair things.

Mostly mom, thank you for your amazing hugs that taught me how to express love to others. No matter what ever happened in my life, I knew there was a hug waiting at home.

I miss you.

Alzheimer’s slipped in and you slipped away.

Wishing you could share a walk down memory lane today.

Yet I'm so grateful you passed on rich memories for us to treasure.

Happy birthday mom, I love you.

20081222-Luann and mom 

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