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Never Enough


Do you ever suffer from the "Never Enough Syndrome?"

You know, I will never be good enough. My efforts are never enough to satisfy those around me. I will never be pretty enough. I am not organized enough. I am not strong enough. I am not spiritual enough. I am not smart enough. I am not... enough.

I was slammed with work this weekend so my wonderful husband did the laundry, watered plants, picked up around the house and told me how much he loved me! What more could a woman want? Well, this morning I was cleaning up the kitchen and saw the strainer laying to the side in the sink again instead of being in the drain to capture the food particles that get rinsed from the dishes. So there it was, food stuck in the drain opening and I had to dig it out.

For a moment I thought, are you kidding me? Why would anyone leave the strainer out of the drain? Do we honestly like to stick our hand down in that mess and dig it out?

As those thoughts slipped into my head a MAJOR BANNER raced across my brain


Oh, what a wretched woman I am. When Paul uttered those words in Romans 7:24, he wrote them down just for me. I need the reminder, daily that I cannot expect my ENOUGH to come from anyone or anything but Christ.

My wonderful husband did many, many things this weekend to serve my needs and I almost let them out of my mind by placing this NEVER ENOUGH banner over them. I often wonder if I'm enough and now I came so close to stamping my sweetheart with the same brand.

Lord, help me today to see that my ENOUGH comes from You alone. Forgive me when I fail to be grateful for the blessings You give me. Bless my wonderful husband today for his faithfulness. I am not, but You, You are I AM.

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Oh Luann, this is me!  I've struggled with the "never enoughs" much of life and there are times Satan still takes me back, but thankfully God has taught me much of the same that you shared here.  The thing that strikes me as I reflect is though I wrestled with this prior to knowing and accepting Christ I lived the works mentality thinking I could be good enough to get into heaven.  That is some messed up thinking!!  Grateful that He is enough for you and me!!

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