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Prayers are Powerful


Ever had someone ask you for prayer?
Ever known of a need that can only be remedied through the power of the Holy Spirit?
Ever felt the nudge to pray yet thought you'd do it later when you had the 'time' or 'quiet place' to do it?

Recently I overheard a conversation where folks were belittling someone who typed out a prayer on Facebook. It slipped from a random comment to gossip about the person, wondering about their motive.

I left the room. My heart literally ached.

I whispered to the Father, "Don't they know?"

When my mom had Alzheimer's many friends and mere acquaintances sent me prayers. Some through Facebook, some through email, some on handwritten cards and some as I stood in the grocery aisle crying.

I took those precious prayers and read them when my heart was hurting. I carried them with me to see my mom and read them over her. Those prayers held us when no other words could.

Recently one friend shared a personal struggle, another about a sister's health. Both received numerous written prayers from people feeling the nudge of God.

When God nudges, how do we respond? Do we shift it to a more convenient time? Do we worry what others might think, so we refrain?

My friend with the personal struggle confided to me that those prayers have shown up in the midst of her lowest points and carried her.

The other took the prayers and read them aloud to her sister in the hospital.

Prayers are powerful.

They touch a Holy God who hears the words of His Children.
They remind us that we are not alone on this journey.
They hold us together when the world pulls us apart.

Feeling a nudge?

Go ahead. Pray.

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Marion, I came across your prayer request today and I wanted to offer a prayer for you and for those that you walk with on a day to day basis.  I pray that you would all feel the encouraging winds of the Spirit as He brushes against your most hurting places.  I pray that you would feel the Joy of the Spirit and that laughter would become your battle cry.

My mom lives in a retirement home and I know she is discouraged by how many folks get sick and are hospitalized.  She says she is constantly reminded of her mortality.  Thank goodness, we are, because this is a temporary location until we relocate to our eternal home!

Be encouraged today, because we serve a God that is good and that bends down to hear our prayers.  (Psalm 116) My prayers of health and restoration are with you today!

Much hugs and love to you!!!

I like Encouragement Cafe. It was my first time reading it. I am terribly sick and ask your prayers that I get well soon. I live in a Retirement Home and a lot of people are sick. Pray for us.

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