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Why self publish? 

  • Profit - Maintain your own profit margins
  • Control - Every aspect of your book is up to you!
  • Legacy - Sharing what you have learned, building your career, or leaving a family legacy are all admirable motives.
  • Ownership - You maintain all rights to your book.

What is a ghost-writer?

Maybe you have an important story to tell, but you just don’t have the time or expertise to write a manuscript yourself—ghostwriting may be just the service you need! Let one of our experienced EC ghostwriters help you transfer that praiseworthy idea floating around in your head, onto handheld paper to be published. Best of all, this anonymous partnership is confidential, so you’ll get all the credit as the author! (Please speak to your EC Publisher Consultant for more details.)

What size would my book be?

This is entirely up to you, but generally speaking a children’s book is roughly 8 x 8 and the standard size for a paperback is usually 6 x 9. Again, this is entirely up to you. When you publish with ECP, you run the show and choose what you like best!

How is the retail price set for my book?

You will get tired of hearing it, but this is entirely up to you! We will encourage you to keep your book competitively priced and at fair market value, but ultimately that decision is up to you!

Is the marketing that ECP does accrue an extra cost? 

  • A personal team that hears your vision and strives to bring it to life.
  • A comprehensive team that can design, edit and illustrate your story with excellence. From proposal to print, we are with you each step of the way!
  • All social media graphics are provided when your book is ready to launch!  
  • When you publish through ECP your book will be listed on Amazon for easy Prime sales! With live events across the country each year, Encouragement Café offers and amazing opportunity to sell your books at our "Book Nook".
  •  ECP can help you connect with Christian and Children’s retail and library customers with an annotation in a top Christian trade catalog, which publishes six times each year and features new and bestselling titles pertinent to the Christian audience. It showcases the best in Bibles, inspirational fiction, non-fiction, and gifts & games.
    Circulation: Top 3,300 Christian retailers, 2,200 retailers, and 3,500 librarians.
    with live events across the country each year, Encouragement Café offers and amazing opportunity to sell your books at our Book Nook.
    There is an additional fee to be listed in the Christian trade catalogs
  • An increased platform that exposes you to thousands of potential clients monthly. ECP can give you access to:
  • -
    - Crosswalk
    - iBelieve
    - LightSource
    - OnePlace
    - EC Facebook  
    - EC Email Contacts

ECP is a soup to nuts publishing company.  We can help you every, single step of the way!  The following service are available at an additional cost:

  • Website Development
  • Business Cards
  • Bookmarks
  • Other Promotional Materials
  • Launch Parties

What profit could I expect to get from a sale?

This is entirely up to you, you maintain control for setting your wholesale costs, your retail costs and your bulk costs.  You set the price, thus setting your own profit margin!

Are orders made through your contacts fulfilled by ECP or would it be my responsibility?

ECP will stand beside their authors, purchasing books at wholesale and selling at all of our events, nationwide. 

In addition, we encourage our authors to make an author’s page on Amazon. At events we will sell the physical copies, on our website we will direct to the Amazon link. All of this is seamless for the author. Books orders for Amazon are supplied by our printer – the author only needs to receive the profits directly into their checking accounts! Books ordered for physical sale are handled by ECP and are shipped directly from the printer. The author need not do a thing! Monies are directly deposited into your Paypal account! 

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