your story is your pearl of great price

I Don't Know Where to start!

Listen. We get it.
The vulnerability you have felt, the questions, the confusion, not understanding the steps in publishing.

We have walked this path as well. ​

Your book rattles inside your heart, straining to be let out. You keep taking it out,  blowing the cobwebs off,  allowing yourself to dream again, dreaming of the… "someday" when it might be  published.

​..............The years are ticking by......................​

The bottom line is this-it is scary to release your dream into the world. So many questions about publishers, design, editors, and ISBNs. We can help you. Let's walk through the process together, one step at a time. We can take the confusion out of getting your story published and replace it with honor, respect and the individual attention of a Personal Publishing Team.


The first step: The book proposal

This may be the hardest part of your process. We are going to ask you to invite us into your story and offer us an overview of your book.

A journey is started with one step. We need to know the scope of your thoughts and the skeleton of your manuscript. With this information, our team can formulate a package: editing, interior design, cover design, marketing.

Our goal is to  honor your story with individual attention and excellence.

Download the Book Proposal Form

The Advantages of EC Press

  • A personal team that hears your vision and strives to bring it to life.
  • A comprehensive team that can design, edit and illustrate your story with excellence.
  • An increased platform that exposes you to thousands of potential clients monthly:
  • 14,720
    Crosswalk: 15,251
    iBelieve: 4,826
    LightSource: 1,908
    OnePlace: 3,982
    TOTAL: 40,687 
    In addition: Facebook followers 10K
    Email followers: 3,500 
    TOTAL: 54,187


Once you submit your Book Proposal, we ask that you allow us two weeks to review your proposal to determine if EC Press is a good fit for your manuscript. If so, you will be assigned a Personal Publishing Consultant, who will walk you through each step:​

  • Editing
  • Interior Design
  • Cover Design
  • ISBN
  • Printing
  • Payment Options

Sit tight and relax! In the meantime, look through the following pages and become familiar with your journey to a published book. We will be with you each step of the way, guiding and bringing your dream to life. Our team will look over your proposal and create a personal publishing plan, calendar and cost!

Have more questions?

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