what is an isbn?

An ISBN is an International Book Standard Number. It identifies the book, and it’s usually printed with the barcode on the back and on the book’s title page.

do i need one for my book?

Basically, yes. If you’re planning on just printing a book as a gift or a private record, you don’t need an ISBN. But if you’re planning on selling your book, or think you might want to sell it or give it away more widely in the future, you need an ISBN.

do i need one for my Ebook?

There is a lot of controversy on this topic, but our bottom line is: Yes.  Your ebook can be purchased separately, or as an add-on with your book package.  Your eBook  ISBN must be assigned it's own number  so that it represents exactly what your book is and the format that it is presented in.

where do i get an iSBN?

EC Press, and your Personal Publishing Consultant,  will help you through the process of acquiring your ISBN, registering it/them and setting up all pertinent information. Sit back and relax, we have you covered!

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