Noelle Okolowicz



The only things I have to offer this world, are my art and my story. Neither are perfect, but they sure are colorful. Paint redemption, Lord.

I grew up in a Christian home and married a medical doctor at age 22. I left my corporate job in public relations to become a full time wife and mother. After giving my efforts to various ministries, I started a hospice home following the loss of my first child. Connecting with grieving people became a sweet-spot in my life, and I was honored by the New York State Senate for my work with the terminally ill.

After two more children, (one with special needs) my world came crashing down as my marriage of ten years fell apart. Losing my home, "status," security, and all money, I took my two children to a one bedroom apartment in the city where I was forced to learn life "from scratch." From being doctor's wife to needing government help, my coping skills were tested.

Adding insult to injury, a very public humiliation of an unplanned pregnancy a year later convinced me that I was washed up in ministry for good. Facing another round of single parenting, I felt hopeless. That's when I recommitted my life to Christ, as Jesus tenderly met me in the deepest place of despair.

Feeling His transforming love once again gave me the courage to step back into the church, looking only to Him for the validation I needed. Since then, my real-life messages of God's restoration in the worst circumstances have helped many women overcome their own sadness, guilt, shame and regret.

Through this awakening, I found color again. I began to emerge from the dark places of depression when I uncovered some old paints, late one night after the kids were in bed. My prayers became the canvas by which I started fresh again, pouring my heart into passionate worship. Thus began the healing, and the ability to experience beauty once again. In Christ. And in life.

Family Life

Remarried in 2014 to a wonderful man who got the "Buy one, get three free deal," Noelle enjoys life with husband, Thaddeus. Former rocker, turned husband and dad (literally overnight), they're enjoying raising Trinity, Elias and Juliette in Webster, New York. With their in home studio, they spend their time submerged in creative craziness and family fun.

Noelle and Thaddeus are Youth Directors at Fairport Community Baptist Church, a revitalization initiative in upstate New York. 

Speaking Topics

Breaking Through the Brokenness

After difficult losses in life, grief is our God-given process to respond to trauma. But God doesn't want us to "live" in the brokenness forever. We have freedom to move out of the "broken place;" to heal, to forgive, and to be forgiven. The break-down often comes before the break-through. This topic addresses the value of grieving, but incorporates the "when and how" to move past the process, and into the beautiful life that Jesus died for us to have. Surrender. Release. Freedom. Designed to fill women with fresh hope, this will encourage us to yearn for God's very best.

Painting A New Life, Beyond Your Painful Past

Redefining life is like a starting from a blank canvas. When we've moved past the immediacy of a terrible upset or tragedy, we're often left wondering what direction to take next. All too often, we sit there, staring at the empty, white abyss of "what if's" and "what now's." Jesus longs to take our hand, guide the paint brush and start creating beauty and splendor into our future. Dreams come alive; God-given dreams of purpose that He planted in your very DNA. There is purpose in the process. This topic beckons women to look, not just see. To listen, and not just hear. To dip that brush into the paint and exhale, and above all to trust Jesus with the outcome.

Turning Your Mess into His Masterpiece

Once the healing from our past hurts has resolved in peaceful surrender, we get this amazing gift called perspective. This topic encourages women to look back at the "icky" places with fresh eyes. Instead of running from the mess, pretending like it never happened, or trying to cover it up "for appearance sake," what if we invited God to turn our mess into His masterpiece? What if we allowed Him to use the shards of colorful trash, to carefully craft a beautiful mosaic of splendor? He promises us "beauty for ashes" in scripture. How can we let Him reduce, reuse and recycle every drop of our junk for His perfect glory? Let's look closer at what would happen if we embraced this passionate challenge!

Risky Faith

Stepping out in unpopular ways is scary. But it's completely biblical. Looking at the story of the woman with the blood issue, dissecting the treasure of the truth tucked away in her journey, we'll unlock the value of "risky faith." What does it mean to be sold out for Jesus, and what amazing rewards are waiting for those who dare to do it? A call to boldness, despite the odds, we press on for an audience of One. This is a spiritual "protein shake" so we can run the race with endurance!

Identity and Destiny; He Is. We Are.

How we see ourselves can have a direct correlation with how our lives unfold. If our thinking isn't right, our lives won't be right either. Teaching from her weaknesses, Noelle shares first hand stories about how her own flawed thinking complicated her already messy life after divorce. Yet when God showed her her value as a child of God, her true identity as the daughter of the most High King, the lies melted away. This message empowers women to place their confidence in God alone, dissect their identity in relation to His, and to emerge with clarity! 'We are,' because 'He is.'

Education / Experience

  • Founder of The Art of Breakthrough, Equipping Christians On Purpose, For Purpose
  • Founder of Artists Global Impact (empowering artists be world changers for Christ)
  • Creator of Studio 220 (a place for "faith infused, creative freedom in Webster, NY)
  • Founder of The Webster Comfort Care Home (501c3 non-profit corporation for the terminally ill)
  • New York State Senate honors for hospice work
  • Youth Ministry Director, Fairport Community Baptist Church
  • Certified Human Behavior Consultant & Personality Profiling
  • Certified DISC Consultant
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certificates in Public Speaking and Social Media Marketing
  • Attended Christian Leadership University, Monroe Community Collage, & State University of New York at Fredonia
  • Four time ‘She Speaks’ Attendee (A Proverbs 31 Training for Christian Speakers and Writers)
  • Stage artist, writer and social media creator for Encouragement Cafe
  • Air Force Military Veteran
  • Proficient in creative marketing and strategic funding for non-profits
  • Over 20 years of public speaking experience in ministry and corporate arenas
  • Missions work in Honduras, England and the USA



PHONE: 585-645-3290