Patrice Williams



Patrice grew up going to church every time the doors were open, but never understood that walking with Jesus was about relationship, not religion, until she was in her late 20’s. After a rocky start to married life and losing her first son to stillbirth in 2008, she began to cling to Jesus as if her life depended on it. And oh how it did!

Soon after losing her first son, her second son was born with a very, rare, chronic, often fatal skin disorder. Patrice was told that Jonah might not live to see his first birthday and began to seek God like never before. Her church, friends, and family truly became the hands and feet of Jesus in her life, and she saw what faith-lived-out really means. After Jonah became a bit more stable, and Patrice adapted to a new normal, she jumped into women’s ministry with both feet and began sharing her story whenever and wherever she got the opportunity.

Through telling that beautiful story of God’s faithfulness and redemption in her life, she soon realized her gift and calling for speaking, teaching, and pouring into women. Digging into His Word and sharing His Truth are her favorite hobbies, with laughing and eating tacos coming in a close third and fourth.

Family Life

Patrice is married to her sort-of High School sweetheart, Matt. (She actually didn’t really like him back then, but she’s come around.) They’ve been married for 13 years, and have three beautiful sons. Gabriel, who is rockin’ out with Jesus in Heaven (jealous!), Jonah, who is now 8 years old (only God!), and Gideon, a 4-year-old bundle of energy, adopted through the beautiful, painful, worth-it road of foster care (another God story for another time!).

Speaking Topics

My Story, God’s Story

His Faithfulness through Death, Illness, and Uncertainty

As we walk through the valley, we often struggle with the question of “Why?” and wear ourselves out trying to figure out what God is doing or if He’s even with us. As Patrice shares her testimony of her children – the loss of her first son, the incurable disease of her second, and the foster care story of her third, she shares God’s amazing faithfulness in her life and how He’s used those struggles to bring her closer to Himself. There is hope in trial, and we can remain confident of this – We will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27)

The Great I Am

Replacing our idols with the One and Only

Why does God call Himself “I Am,” and what does that mean for you and me today? As we try to fill our holes with idols and distractions that will never satisfy, we long for the “something more.” God IS that something more, and He IS everything that we and our idols are not. Re-discover the Great I Am, the One who sees you, hears you, knows you and will meet your every need.  

Let’s Get Real 

The value of authenticity, community, and vulnerability in the Body of Christ

Tired of coming to church and asking someone, “How are you?” while they smile, answer that they’re doing just fine when you know good and well that that isn’t the truth? Totally over putting on a brave face (at Church, of all places!) when you’re really dying to share your struggles and longing for someone to listen? You’re not alone! Discover God’s heart and desire for the Body of Christ, your value to one another as sisters, the dying discipline of confession, and what it could mean for all of us! It was for freedom He sets us free. Let’s live like it!

Patrice loves to search the Word and share God’s Truths, so let her know if there is a specific topic or theme you’d like to build around. Messages can be tailored to your needs!


  • Contributing Author to Encouragement Café Online Devotions
  • Head of Women’s Ministry and Bible Study Leader – Pinedale Christian Church
  • Content Specialist and Blogger
  • Keynote speaker at various community events – Winston-Salem, NC