Zoë Elmore



As a Greek girl, I grew up in the Greek Orthodox Church. As a High School freshman I began attending a Baptist Church and was introduced to Jesus. One year later as a High School sophomore I asked Jesus to become my Savior.

Although I became a believer at age 16, I didn’t fully embrace my new life as a Jesus girl until I graduated college when I met the man who would become my husband. Tom modeled (and continues to model) “a new life in Christ” so convincingly that I could no longer resist.

Family Life

Zoë and her husband Tom have been married for more than thirty years and live near Charlotte, North Carolina. They have two exceptional adult sons and a remarkable daughter-in-law and one cute grandson.

Tom and Zoë serve in their church and community, have elevated football tailgaiting to an art form, and believe the best part of working out is when it’s over.

Unspeakable Joy 2015 Speakers - 42

Speaking Topics

Zoë is powerful, passionate and an effective Bible teacher who challenges women to live beyond their circumstances.

Described as "Captivating and charming with a dash of energy and sparkle", her inspiring teaching impels women toward a life of intentional spirituality.

Dare to Recharge your Battery 

(Keynote or Multi-Message)  How can today’s woman maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with all the pressures and pitfalls of this busy and distracting culture? If your spiritual life is wiped out, worn out and gasping for breath join us as we discover practical ways to refresh, recharge and reenergize our spiritual batteries. Zoe’s message will lead women to:

  • Recognize how unhealthy and draining a “Bossy Boots” attitude can be.
  • Discover a biblical quiet time strategy to boost your spiritual get-up-and-go.
  • Benefit from a creative approach for recharging your spiritual energy through Zoe’s “Survival Kit”.
Dare to be DANGEROUS 

(Keynote or Multi-Message)  If we are to be a positive influence for Christ, our spiritual lives must be attractive, appealing and engaging. Throughout this practical message Zoe reveals the nine godly character traits of a dangerous woman. Discover the influence and significance of living as a dangerous woman. In her message Zoe will:

  • Teach simple techniques for a life of spiritual discipline.
  • Enlighten, expand and energize your spirit to know, love and follow Christ.
  • Reveal practical and realistic ways to maintain a daily connection with God.
  • Challenge you to adopt the nine godly character traits of a dangerous woman.
Dare to be Pruned 

(Keynote or Multi-Message)  Pruning is necessary for any vine. Vines that are not pruned soon become wondering, straggling branches that produce little or no fruit because fruitfulness is directly related to our proximity to the vine. God prunes and disciplines the vine to fashion it into fruitfulness. In this message you will be inspired to:

  • Recognize pruning as an opportunity to cultivate fruitfulness.
  • Uproot heart issues that distract others from seeing the fruitfulness of a changed life.
  • Appreciate pruning as an opportunity to grow closer to the vine.
I Will Change Your Name – Zoe’s Testimony 

(Keynote)  A life punctuated by insecurity and doubt precludes us from living the full and abundant life Christ offers us. Learn why it is imperative for believers to say good-bye and good riddance to insecurity and doubt. This touching and hopeful message is Zoe’s story of Jesus transforming power in her life. Hear how she exchanged her “less than” life for a life of spiritual abundance. This presentation guides women to:

  • Exchange a victim mentality for spiritual and emotional maturity.
  • Embrace your identity as God’s beloved child, worthy and valuable.
  • Rely on God as your security to overcome the disease to please.
Oh Come, Let us Adore Him 

(Keynote)  For many, celebrating Christmas has been reduced to a frenzy of activity, over spending and secular trappings leaving little time or room for Christ. By centering the celebration on Christ we learn to adore Him as we move past the manger and toward the cross. This clever and insightful message presents the gospel in a way that will appeal to any woman. Your audience will be inspired to discard the world’s frantic and frenetic idea of Christmas. This message will help ladies to:

  • Discover Christ as the priceless gift of Christmas.
  • Identify spiritual truths in holiday items with Zoë’s “Christmas Survival Kit.”
  • Recognize the manger as only one part of God’s plan for the birth of Christ.
  • Experience the certainty of God’s presence at Christmas.

Education / Experience

  • Zoë has six years of training with Bible Study Fellowship International where she served as a small group leader and assistant teaching leader. 
  • She has more than 14 years' experience as a national speaker.



PHONE: 704-577-1534