300 Days: Out Of The Dark Night Into Life

Healing From Church Hurt

What do you do when your family, the church, causes your heart to break? How do you navigate the journey from grief to joy? Like our physical body, the church can be hit with sickness, brokenness and trauma. Our Healer is the Lord. 300 Days is a personal journey of healing. Using journaling and reflection, the devotional invites the reader to apply 300 Days for themselves.

Debbie Lamm

Debbie Lamm currently leads Families in Recovery Ministries, a support ministry for both individuals and family members in addiction recovery. She is a chaplain with International Fellowship of Chaplains, and an active member of her church. She has been an educator since 1992, teaching behaviorally and emotionally challenged students, as well as music and drama. Chaplain Lamm is a wife, mother of five, and has nine grandchildren. She resides with her family in the Concord, North Carolina area.