Encouragement Café.
Genuine life. Godly direction.

Does your station need relevant content targeted at the heart of women? You’re welcome to join Luann and her co-hosts as they invite
friends into Encouragement Café!

Weekly broadcasts are offered as a complete 25 minute program or segmented into 4 sections for easy distribution throughout an hour of music.

A Cup of Encouragement is our 1 minute feature.

Twenty five fresh cups are offered each month.

A real listener story:

Loraine came to a live Encouragement Café event to tell us that for 35 years she ran away from God. While scanning her radio she ‘stumbled’ onto Encouragement Café. Something captured her. Every day for 5 months, she tuned into the station, listened to the broadcasts, and read our devotions. Through our sharing life with her she said the Holy Spirit compelled her to return to Jesus.

“Is it just me?” Every woman on the planet wonders if anyone understands. Women long for friends who ‘get them’ who say, “You’re not alone.” Encouragement Café walks through life with women.

May we help you reach the Loraine in your area?
Since 2009, Encouragement Café has created a safe environment for women to sit at a table and share, laugh, cry and connect. Give the women in your market a chance to join the conversation!
Relevant topics. Real issues. Relatable friends.

Daily encouragement continues at www.EncouragementCafe.com with devotionals, bible studies, podcasts, events and more. 

For more information contact: radio@encouragementcafe.com