At Encouragement Cafe events, you'll meet the Paint N Praise artists, who seek to capture Christ in visually powerful ways.

Live stage painting, interactive paintings and break-out art sessions allow you to tap into your own creativity. This page will help you get connected to our sites, blogs, and tutorials. Please consider having one of us at your next event. Learn more about booking one of our stage artists.


Worship is our delight! God created different paths for us all to worship Him in unique, personal ways.  Through different art mediums and platforms, the artists delight in worshiping through color. Quite simply, because God, the original Creator gave us this universal language of art that speaks loudly, yet uniquely to each soul. It draws us, artist and viewer alike, deeper and closer to Him. When we worship through color, we invite others into a personal conversation about what a painting means to them.  The canvas becomes a table to share our stories and break down walls. Our Savior is compelling us all to tap into a dynamic explosion of worship and surrender at the table He has set. Let's challenge each other to seek out the God whispers that draw us into His beauty . What beautiful worship it is as the  "colors" of His deep love and life-breathing truths stand in protest of the darkness. 


We encourage and delight in the prospect of  you joining us as we work through paintings.  There is no greater delight than getting to pray with you and hear your stories. Our prayer is the God would minister to you greatly through the Arts.