See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. Isaiah 48:10 NIV

I planned a straight road. I was married to my soul mate, had one beautiful child, and was ready for another one. My plan seemed perfect except it wasn’t God’s will. Instead of another baby, I had two tubal pregnancies – one in each of my fallopian tubes, both of which ruptured. In about six months’ time, I lost two precious babies that I desperately wanted.  I also lost my ability to conceive children naturally.

I never considered infertility, until God used the unexpected turn of infertility to refine me. God showed me how self-dependent I was instead of God-dependent. Through this detour, God gave me a deeper understanding of grace, oh how amazing is His grace. I experienced God through those difficult struggling days. I felt His presence as I walked through the fire. I would never wish infertility on anyone, but I would never change my journey.

God’s refining hand through this detour, drew me deeper in love with Him. I learned to let go of my way, and cling with wild abandon to His way. I made it to my destination. I now have three children, two through in-vitro fertilization. Oh, but it is the detour – that painful, awful, detour – that God used to make me more like Him. That is better than any destination I could imagine.

Write out a list of things God has taught you through the detours of your life. Praise Him that He doesn’t leave you as you are, but He refines you to make you more like Him.

Father God, Thank You that You use detours in our lives to refine us that we may reflect Your glory more clearly. Help us to allow the furnace of affliction to burn off the impurities in our lives that we may grow closer to You. Thank You for the detours in our lives... may they be the means of us arriving at Your destination. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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