Gail Cooper



I am a woman who hangs on to Jesus.

I have gone through the difficulties of life, the difficult marriage, the loss of my only son shortly before he was to graduate college, the battle with cancer. Believe me, none of those things fit in for the plan I had for my life. However, then there is God. He is the maker of life worth living. Truth … I want to be smack – dab in the center of His will for my life. It’s where I am given hope. From my own experience I have discovered how wonderful it is to live fully and freely in the presence of The King. He is my all in all.

Family Life

I get to do life with some incredible people, my husband of 37 years, Kevin, my beautiful, loving daughters Jacqueline (her husband Ryan) and Kendra. My heart is filled with memories of my son Aaron, who got to experience heaven before us.

Kevin and I are empty nesters. We miss the old days but love the new. There are countless hours walking the beach, playing golf, loving on our golden retriever, Bailey. Personally, I love getting to hang in my “She Shed” where I do my writing, listen to music and spend time with God. It’s a magical place, especially on rainy days.

Speaking Topics

Woman of Passion, Peace, and Purpose

Life can get real messy, real quick! We may not even see it coming until one day we open the front door and there it is on our doorstep. A box full of troubles ready to destroy the life you long to live. How can we avoid playing into the pitfalls of pain and problems but instead replace them with passion, peace, and purpose.

A Woman of Confidence

One of the biggest things women struggle with is confidence. So many of us stumble, stagger, and fall short of the beautiful life that God has in store for us. Come spend time with us as we untangle the web of lies that hold us back and the biblical truth that shines light on the EXCITING LIFE God has for you to live.

Gail also speaks on Marriage, Grief, Motherhood.


  • Key Note Speaker
  • Women’s Ministries Leader
  • Bible Study Teacher
  • Member of Compel Training
  • Diva Of She Shed Moments
  • Writer
  • Mentor


PHONE: 401-206-1411