Grace Mills



I was raised by two loving, Christian parents and involved Christian grandparents. My Father, although a follower of Christ and very much in love with Jesus, was an alcoholic and a drug addict. He spent time in jail and rehab, off and on while I was growing up. He taught me what it looked like when you fall in love with God, and his life showed me never to judge from the outside or to write anyone off based on their external struggles. When I was nine years old, he passed away. I watched my mother raise us by herself, going through such hard times with all the odds against her. She was the most incredible picture of strength to me, and I learned from her what it looks like to truly wait with expectation on the Lord. Because of her faith and reliance on God, growing up I experienced God’s incredible faithfulness.

My grandparents lost all three of their children, and both battled and overcame cancer. I have learned so much through watching them keep their trust in God’s goodness through it all, and through their incredible generosity.

I received Christ as a young child, became very active in my faith around 8th grade, and have been pursuing Him since. This past year of my life has been the hardest year, yet the year with the most growth. I’m grateful that He uses the struggles to refine me.

Family Life

I have a mother and one older brother. I am in college now, so my roommates, friends, and church have become family. We eat together, cry together, laugh together, pray together, and truly are as close as family. They have stood in the gap for me when I was far from blood-family.

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Education / Experience

Currently in undergrad at Liberty University studying Athletic Training with a minor in Global Studies