Two things are on my mind today, a sleeping puppy and a playful tiger.

It’s an interesting phenomenon to live long enough to see the cycles. Clothing styles, home decor, financial markets, and worldwide chaos.

My mom had a blue suit she wore to work in her twenties that hung in the back of her closet. She said, “Someday this will be back in style.” You were right mom.

Mid-century modern is a repeat trend, along with barnwood...although my memories were from real barns.

Dad did something in the mid seventies that was probably illegal and definitely hazardous. He had two 55 gallon drums of gasoline in the garage because he heard prices were going to hit an all-time high and bust past 55 cents a gallon!

Chaos was the norm growing up amid the daily news with Vietnam. assassinations, riots and tuberculosis. 

The minimalist is becoming popular, longing for a simplified life. We had that too, except it wasn’t a choice, it was just life.

For Christmas I have a vivid memory of being in Chicago, during the 1960’s in an apartment. I was 5, my sister 10, a brother 15 and another 16. We each received one simply wrapped gift. Mine was a sleeping dog and my sister got a playful tiger. We were enthralled with simple stuffed animals.

I wonder if this latest concern will help us focus on the present, our gift of today?

Luann Prater

Executive Director and Founder of
Encouragement Café Ministries
Speaker, Author & Radio Personality