Let's begin looking at the interior of your book.

Please print off your WORKSHEET to keep track of these decisions.


Your personal consultant is with you each step of the way throughout the entire process of your book- from proposal to print, you have a hearing heart at EC Press!  She will help you make decisions, be a liaison between you and the editing and design teams and proofread your manuscript before it goes to print. Consultant fees are built into your publishing package and are billed according to what is utilized:



Per Hour

More than 15 Hours



Between 10-15 hours of communication.

Communication is defined as: phone calls and emails with the author, as well as behind the scenes liaison interactions with editor, illustrator, and other team members of EC Press


There is a funny way we have of referring to manuscripts here at EC Press… are you in your:

  • 1st trimester
  • 2nd trimester
  • 3rd trimester

Curious to know the signs and symptoms of each trimester? Download this easy guide here.​ We have editing packages to fit your every need!


Checking for typographical errors, grammar, and punctuation. Basically, the final run-through before publishing. Usually has 2 or less errors per 250 word page and does not involve rewording or reworking any sections.

Copy Editing

In addition to checking for typographical errors, grammar and punctuation, copy editing looks at improving the flow, looking at consistency, transitions, redundancy, and word usage. Copy editing can be broken into different levels of editing: light, medium, and heavy.

  • Light – Checking spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, capitalization errors, some rewording or changing sentence structures to improve flow.
  • Medium – Includes everything in light editing, but also checks facts, such as scripture references, transitions from one section to another, checking for proper tense and tone throughout.
  • Heavy – Making more extensive changes in paragraphs, style, flow, and grammar.  May involve heavy rewriting of some sections to ensure clarity.
Editing Packages

Industry standard is to consider one page @ 250 words.

Copy Editing


Per Hour

2-6 Pages per Hour

Copy Editing


Per Hour

3-7 Pages per Hour

Copy Editing LIGHT


Per Hour

5-10 Pages per Hour



Per Hour

9-13 Pages per Hour

Interior Text Design

There are a number of things to consider as we look at the interior of your book:

  • Would you like the print a normal size or large print?
  • Would you like headers at the top of your pages (chapter name/author/book name)
  • How would you like your pages numbered?
  • What items will you have in the beginning of your book (Dedication, etc) and how would you like those pages numbered? (Usually roman numerals are used here)
  • Will you have a Table of Contents?
  • Prologue/epilogue?
  • Will you have sidebars w/quotes and text?
  • Will you need an illustrator?
  • Do you have photos or drawings that you are providing?
Interior Design Packages

Depending upon your answers to the previous questions, your Publishing Consultant will help guide you to the best design package to suit your needs and we will honor your story each time its told.​



Includes up to 20 images.
Up to 7 hours of design, after this additional charges apply.



Includes up to 10 images (sidebars are considered images) Up to 6 hours of design, after this additional charges apply.



Includes no images within the interior of your book. Up to 5 hours of design, after
this additional charges apply.


Whatever your illustration needs are, we have a team of artists ready to bring your visions to life!

color Illustration


Per Illustration

Full Page.
Up to three
hours per drawing. After this
additional charges apply.

colored simple Illustration


Per Illustration

Flat Colored Drawing.
Up to two and a half hours per drawing. After this additional charge apply.

Simple Illustration


Per Illustration

Black and White Shaded Drawing. Up to two hours
per drawing. After this additional charges apply.

Simple Illustration


Per Illustration

Black and White Line Drawing. Up to one
and a half hour per drawing. After this additional charges apply.

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